Smile Previews

You’ve probably heard of Photoshop and other digital editing tools used to change people’s appearance in photos. But what if we could use software to preview real-life ‘editing’? Sometimes people may be considering making changes to their smile but have difficulty imagining how they would look afterwards. We now have technology available to plan dental changes in 3D as a ‘blueprint.’ This helps people and dentists plan and communicate better about what their goals are, what’s possible and the steps needed to achieve their desired result.
Depending on the level of changes desired, at minimum a set of good quality digital photos is required. X-rays or other 3D digital images may also be taken by the dentist to use in planning. Changes may be simple or complex. Teeth lightening, closing gaps, repairing chipped teeth, changing ‘gummy’ smiles and orthodontic changes can be planned and visualized. Of course, a desired result must be realistic given the position of someone’s teeth, bone and jaws. Digital technology helps dentists plan what needs to be done to achieve someone’s goals and helps patients see and understand the process.
If you have some specific changes in mind or just want to improve your smile and are not sure where to start, give us a call. We’re happy to talk with you and give you a complimentary visual of your new smile!

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