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Oral Cancer & HPV Vaccines

  April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month. Sadly, 54,000 Americans will lose their life to this disease this year. This makes oral cancer more common than thyroid, liver, stomach, ovarian and brain cancers. The five year survival rate of oral cancer is poor, just around 60%. This means that around 40% of people diagnosed with […]

Infection Control – What Happens Behind the Scene

When someone walks into one of our treatment rooms for a dental appointment, much has been happening in advance of that moment. Your dental team has prepared for your care using systems that break the chain of any infection from patient-to-patient, patient-to-provider and provider-to-patient. Some things are visible and obvious while others are not, yet […]

February is Heart Health Month

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for women in the U.S.?  Unfortunately, cardiovascular disease shortens both our quantity and quality of life. While some risk factors are out of our control, there is much we can do to improve our odds of improving our lifespan, as well as our […]

February is Children’s Dental Health Month

If you have a young person in your life, starting them on the path to a lifetime of good dental health is a gift that pays benefits for years to come. Here are a few things to know about helping little ones with their teeth: Babies will usually start to get teeth by their first […]

3D Technology in Dentistry

Three dimensional technology has rapidly changed many industries, including dentistry. Thanks to many of these innovations, care can be delivered to people more quickly with more accuracy and customization than ever before. Let’s look at some of the ways your dentist may be doing things now or soon in the future. Imaging & Diagnosis The […]

Contending with Canker Sores

Canker sores are a small yet painful problem for some people. They are small, pale-colored ulcerations that can occur on the inside of our mouth. They are not contagious and most of the time will go away on their own. While we don’t know the exact cause, researchers suspect that our immune system, genetics, and […]

4 Tips for Keeping Your Mouth Healthy When You’re Sick

Colds and the flu have been less prevalent the past few years due to the coronavirus, but sometimes germs still find us and temporarily keep us under the weather. While these illnesses run their course, here are some easy ways to make sure your dental health doesn’t suffer: Choose sugar-free products  Sucking on sugared cough […]

Tips for Fitting Dental Care Into Your Budget

As we approach the end of the year, people’s thoughts turn to holidays…and the upcoming year’s health coverage. Individuals and employers need to make decisions about next year’s medical and dental benefit plans and we get questions from patients about coverage and changes. Often people don’t plan for dental expenses, but may be faced with […]

How to Know When It’s Time for Dentures

While dentistry has made it possible for more people than ever to keep their teeth for their lifetime, there are still times when a denture may be the best solution for someone’s needs. Here are three situations that may justify making the transition from natural teeth to complete replacement of teeth: Extensive Tooth Decay Tooth […]

Wisdom Teeth

Is keeping your wisdom teeth a smart thing to do? It depends. Our ‘wisdom’ teeth, or third molars, usually erupt between the ages of 15-25. If they are positioned at an angle in someone’s jaws, they may not erupt fully, or at all. While our ancestors may have had adequate room for these teeth, often […]