A Few of Our Favorite Things

What do dental professionals keep on their bathroom countertop at home?  It depends. Obviously, some personal preference is involved. Generally, we use products that we enjoy and that are proven the most effective in getting the job done. We (and our family members) can have dental challenges and use products tailored for certain issues, just like we recommend for patients. Here are some great basics that we like:

Nimbus toothbrushes – The fine nylon bristles of these brushes give your gums a spa-like massage. Ask us for one at your next cleaning!

Opalpix – These thin, flexible cleaners reach in between teeth. Available at our office or Amazon.

Carifree CTx3 Rinse – Formulated for cavity protection, this alcohol-free rinse contains fluoride, xylitol and has an alkaline pH to help neutralize the acidic environment created by decay-causing bacteria. Available at our office or through the Carifree website.

Tongue cleaners –  Removes the fuzzy coating of plaque off tongues without setting off your gag reflex. Ask for one the next time you’re in or order a container from Amazon to share with your friends and family!

Oral-B powered toothbrush – The brush is small and maneuverable to reach all surfaces of all teeth, just like a dental hygienist’s polisher. The brush oscillation disrupts the bacterial film on our teeth and the two-minute timer makes sure we spend enough time to get the job done. They make teeth feel fresh-from-the-dentist clean. We carry a nice model at a great price in the office; several other models at different price points are sold at retail outlets.


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