4 Tips to Make Your Dental Appointments Go Smoothly

Your dental team wants to help make your appointments as smoothly as possible. We are always prepared and look forward to the opportunity to help someone with their dental health. Stress-free appointments make our jobs enjoyable and our days go pleasantly. Here are a few tips to help us help you:

  1. Know what to expect – Talk with your dental team ahead of time about what is involved with the procedure recommended. They will provide you with information on how long your appointment will take, the cost, and what to anticipate afterward.
  2. Come prepared – Wear comfortable clothing and dress in layers as some offices may be chilly. Take any medication that has been prescribed to take ahead of time. Arrive a few minutes early to use the restroom if you need to. It may be helpful to bring any appliances such as a nightguard that you regularly wear. As always, bring an updated list of any medications and health supplements you are taking. If any medications will be needed afterward, pick these up ahead of time if possible.
  3. Stay relaxed – If there is music or a podcast you want to listen to during the procedure, most dental teams are happy to have you bring your device and earphones. We want to have you relaxed and for the time pass quickly! Depending on the procedure, you may want to have some soft food planned for dinner and a good book or TV show queued up.
  4. Follow-up – Follow the after-care directions given by your dental team. They are meant to speed your recovery and give you the best results. Use any products as instructed. If you have had surgery, it’s best to avoid smoking/vaping for a few days afterward. Nicotine patches can help alleviate cravings. Let your dental office know if you are concerned that you may be having complications with your treatment. If they have recommended you return to the office for follow-up, be sure to keep your appointment so they can make sure all is going as planned.