OralDNA Testing

We’re concerned about more than just your teeth

The health of our mouth can reflect and affect our overall health. Science has made clear that chronic inflammation in our bodies is the cause of many systemic diseases that we suffer from. Some of our genes that are responsible for inflammation can put us at higher risk for gum disease as well as cardiovascular diseases.

Besides our genes, infection in our mouths can raise our risk of cardiovascular diseases and strokes. High levels of oral bacteria can worsen diabetes and arthritis, contribute to pregnancy complications, Alzheimer’s disease, and strokes and are associated with several types of cancer.

What is OralDNA Testing?

Because of this, we place a strong emphasis on the health of our gums in our patients’ care. Part of the information we often recommend gathering is available in an easy test.  We use OralDNA testing to give our patients a better window into their health. More information is available on the OralDNA website.

Tests for both the harmful bacteria that can live in our mouth and some of the genes that contribute to gum disease are easily done by collecting a sample of saliva in the office. These tests are recommended for people with signs of gum disease or anyone who wants to learn more about their oral and overall health. Call us at Ardent Care Phone Number 541-465-9821 to find out more and schedule an appointment.

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