Ardent Care can help craft dentures to restore your smile. 

There are many types of dentures to help people who have more extensive dental problems or who have lost several teeth in the past. Dentures can replace the esthetics and function of your missing natural teeth. 

  • Partial dentures allow someone who still has some healthy teeth remaining to keep those teeth and use them or dental implants as anchors to replace the missing teeth. They may have a metal framework for strength, although our unique Equipoise partial denture system allows these to be made with no metal clasps or 'hooks' visible.
  • Complete dentures is the term used when all the teeth in an upper or lower jaw are missing.
  • Immediate, or first-time dentures are made for a person to wear home the day that teeth are removed. You never need to suffer the social embarrassment of being without teeth.
  • Replacement dentures are made to replace existing dentures that are worn, discolored, broken or fit poorly.
  • Implant dentures are dentures held in place by dental implants for the best support and stability. They can be removable for easy cleaning, or fixed in place for someone who desires maximum stability

If you are missing several or all of your teeth, please contact us so we can discuss what may be the best type of dentures to meet your goals.