Cleanings & Prevention

Ardent Care can provide regular dental cleanings to help you prevent future dental problems. 

Professional cleanings performed by dental hygienists are an important part of your preventive dental health plan. Our dental hygienists provide gentle, thorough preventive cleanings and periodontal therapy and maintenance visits. We often use ultrasonic cleaning technology to help make your teeth cleaning appointments faster and more comfortable. 

Regular dental examinations can help reduce your risk of future dental problems. As we all have unique genetics and life history, we experience different problems and require specialized solutions. Dental evaluations can detect problems in their earliest stages and result in treatment that is less expensive, preserves your dental health and prevents future problems. At our evaluations, we talk with you about your goals and evaluate several areas of your oral health, including: 

  • Your smile and any concerns with the appearance of any teeth
  • The gum and bone support around your teeth
  • Your bite relationship, jaw joints and chewing muscles
  • The health and structure of your teeth
  • The fit, structure and appearance of any existing dental work
  • The soft tissues of your mouth, including lips, tongue, cheeks and gums (oral cancer screening)
Regular exams at Ardent Care can help detect dental problems early and treat them. 

As many of the important structures of our mouth are unable to be seen with visual exam alone, we use digital x-ray imaging to evaluate areas not readily visible. Digital technology allows for a very low dose of radiation and provides much important information about the health of our teeth and bone. Early detection of problems can allow treatment in their earliest stages and keep them from becoming large problems, saving your teeth and keeping dental costs down. Our recommendations for type and frequency of imaging depends on many factors including your dental and medical history, habits and age.