Advanced Dental Technology

Digital X-rays at Ardent Care dental help us provide the best diagnostic care possible. 

Technology in dentistry has made dental care easier for patients than ever before. Some of the advancements in place at our Eugene/Springfield dental practice make care more aesthetic and more comfortable for a patient. Other advancements are not as perceptible to patients, yet increase the longevity of dental work and the safety of dental care or decrease the time spent sitting in the dental chair.

Dental Technology makes dental cleanings more comfortable, and faster. 

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning technology is used at many appointments by our dental hygienists. Ultrasonic instruments make your dental cleanings faster and more comfortable. They are very effective in both preventive cleanings for healthy patients and in treating gum disease.

At examinations, patients are screened for decay-causing bacteria with our CariScreen test, a quick and painless swab of the teeth. This allows us to determine if people are at risk for cavities before they show up in our teeth   and hopefully prevent them! Follow-up testing is done for our patients who are more susceptible to cavities with our Caries Risk Test, where we can measure the levels of the bacteria that cause cavities and determine when someone's risk has been lowered after treatment.

One of our patients' favorite advancements is the Comfort Control syringe. This electronic syringe system makes getting numb as easy as possible.

The digital x-ray system at our Eugene/Springfield dental practice is more comfortable than traditional film x-rays. It allows images to be viewed instantly on the computer screen and uses only 1/3 of the radiation of traditional film x-rays.

Our intraoral video camera lets you see what we see in your mouth at high resolution magnification.

The CAESY Dental Patient Education System explains dental procedures in clear, easy to understand terms using videos.

The self-contained water systems in our treatment rooms ensures that only sterile water is delivered through our water lines and dental hand pieces. Instruments and hand pieces are sterilized in our steam autoclave.